Doing Things Differently

Our Why

We help organisations, and their people, to evolve in order to deliver your mission and create greater impact in the world.

Changing Script is the result of 50 years of growth and learning.




Our expertise is in work with the public and third sector, helping organisations that serve people, to create greater sustainable impact through strategic and systemic change.

Changing Script is a single solution consultancy as we are the perfect blend of curiosity, insight and expertise.

The best way to explore what is on offer and determine what is right for you is to set up a free 30-minute Fact Find.

Fuelled by a deep belief that everyone can play a part in making the world a better, more equitable place.



We can work with individuals, teams, groups, communities, organisations and corporations. Our range of expertise is vast, and we offer an extensive menu of services, which are listed below.

Primary Services

Vision, Mission and Values
Organisational Development
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Anti-Racist Programme
Adoption and Fostering

Additional Services

Training Courses
Strategic Plans



Our background is in working with people and organisations to help them to realise their potential and create greater impact through their lives and work. This has primarily come from work in services and organisations for children, families and communities.

Everything that we do at Changing Script has our DNA threaded through it. Through our work we want to create meaningful, impactful and sustainable changes that will benefit those we work with and the world around us.


All our work is deeply rooted in principles that deliver highly against diversity, equity and inclusion expectations, fit for a modern world. We recognise that certain people, groups and communities remain marginalised as they be subject to discrimination. This may manifest as racism, homophobia, disablism or sexism, to name but a few examples. Changing Script operates from a non-discriminatory platform and ensure that this threads through our services.

We ensure that all our partnerships benefit from our expertise, knowledge and experience as we do not expect everyone to be at the same point of progress, but we do expect a commitment to growth.



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