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We help organisations, and their people, to evolve in order to deliver your mission and create greater impact in the world.

Our Story

Changing Script is a values-led consultancy with a deep belief that given the tools and opportunity, every individual has the ability to affect positive change around them, personally and professionally.

All individuals are defined by scripts based on their own unique life experiences and circumstances. Some of these scripts we are aware of, but many not.

When people come together in organisations there is a collision of multiple scripts which can affect the vision and mission in place, however well intended and talented the workforce is.

Changing Script was founded because our experience of working within organisations was that often it needed to be someone external looking in that could really see what was going on and then identify what might bring about positive change.

Changing Script is powered by the belief that humans are capable of change, and that everything that surrounds us is interconnected. The ripple effect created by change can be vast and the impact profound.

We will help you to edit, evolve and elevate what you do.



Satwinder is an optimist, choosing always to see the best in people, situations and organisations. His own experiences of leadership, and personal growth, and ability to problem solve are a perfect fit for Changing Script.

Led by his own ambition for a better, more equitable and inspiring world, Satwinder’s work has been heavily steeped in organisations working with children and families. He believes that a good childhood can be a great foundation for the type of life and world he wants to see for all children.

Children become adults and for too many people inequalities throughout life prevent them from achieving their true potential. Changing Script is built on a commitment to altering this.

Satwinder trained and qualified as a social worker through an applied learning degree programme. The principles of experiential learning that he experienced during this time are ones that he has applied in his work ever since.

As a leader Satwinder has gone on to develop a core set of skills in running complex organisations in the public, charitable and independent sectors, and he is now using these in his work at Changing Script.

Often unconventional, Satwinder’s ability to create a vision and translate this into actions and impact, has inspired his peers and improved outcomes across systems and organisations repeatedly.

Untapped potential is something that Satwinder feels very passionate about, and nothing energises him as much as facilitating people and organisations to explore theirs and then realise it.


Our Values

  • Be authentic. We will always be truthful and genuine, remaining consistent in our approach and work, holding ourselves accountable to our values.
  • Show you care. We will always care passionately about our work, our results, our impact and the effect that we have on the world.
  • Get creative. We will always stretch possibilities by thinking holistically and assessing the bigger picture. Our bespoke solutions will seek to challenge the status quo.
  • Be kind. We will always be compassionate and considerate towards others and exhibit respect in everything that we do.
  • Strive for justice. We will always uphold fairness and do the right thing, in the knowledge that the world is an unequal place for many people for multiple reasons. Equity will underpin everything that we do.

Our Charges

Charges will vary depending on the nature and duration of an assignment and can be hourly, daily or per project.

For complete transparency all assignments are costed up when agreements are made and before any work is undertaken. As a small business 50% is payable in advance of any work beginning and 50% within 30 days of completion.

For longer assignment contracts the first and last month are payable in advance of any work beginning, before moving to a regular monthly invoicing pattern.

All payments are by bank transfer to our Tide Bank account.


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